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The Administration menu (located on the top right side of the screen) allows the users to consult their company data and to access to their user profiles.

The user with administrator profile will have access to a set of configuration options of the platform.

Once clicked on the option 'Administration', GlobalSUITE loads the page showing two different tabs: "My Company" and "Clients"

  • My Company: This tab has all options of configuration which are available for the company of the user (The user will have access to more options depending on its Administrator profile).

  • Clients:This tab allows you to administrate different companies. This option is only available for those companies that will have these type of licenses: "Consulting", "Gold" o "Platinum".

  • NOTE: The users with Enterprise licenses may only view the tab "My Company".

This section of the manual is divided in three sections:

  • My Company: This tab explains the configuration options of the companies that have the Enterprise license.

  • Clients: This tab explains the options for managing clients, this option is only available for the companies with the following licenses: Consulting, Gold y Platinum.

  • Specific options for Consulting, Gold and Platinum licenses: It explains the additional options that this type of user has available.

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