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ScoreCard Configuration

  • Types of perspectives: It offers the possibility of identifying different perspectives which are shown in the section ‘ScoreCard/Business Targets’. In case you want to insert a new perspective, you should click on the button ‘Add’, or on the contrary, if you want to remove a perspective, you have to click on the button ‘Remove’.

NOTE: The shaded perspectives appear by default, it’s not possible to remove them.

  • Scales: It allows you to identify the wide of values which will be shown in the graph of ‘ScoreCard/Business Targets’.

These are the options which are allowed in the table:

  • Add: When you click on the button you insert a new scale in the table.

    • Remove: It allows you to remove a scale already defined. For this you have to select the row and click on the button ‘Remove’.

    • Change color: It offers the possibility of modifying the color of the scale which will be shown. For this you have to select the specific row and click on the button ‘Change color’.

In case the user wants to modify the order of the scales, you have to use the arrows of the column ‘Order’ for situating them in the right position.

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