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Connections Configuration

The current section allows you to establish a connection among GlobalSUITE and external tools such as:

  • OSSIM: Open Source Security Information Management is a tool which allows Systems administrators to manage the network security, servers, Intrusion detection and prevention.

  • OCS: It allows the users to administrate its IT asset inventory, gathering information about the hardware and software of the different equipment.

  • Email: It allows the synchronization of an email account with the ticket option.

  • Redmine: It allows the project management through a monitoring system of incidents and errors.

  • Active Directory: It allows the creation of users, equipment or groups with the objective of administrating the logins on computers connected to the network, as well as the policy administration on all the network.

  • Aranda: This software manages and administrates a Configuration Management Data Base.

  • FACT24: Software associated with the business continuity which allows your company managing critical incidents through alerts to different supervisors.

  • LDAP: It allows the synchronization of GlobalSUITE with the LDAP of an organization, so the access to GlobalSUITE is done through this protocol

  • ADFS: It allows you the authentication of GlobalSUITE through ADFS,so the access to GlobalSUITE is done through trusted users and single sign-on.

To create a connection, select the desired connection type from the list and click on the "New" button. To configure the new connection, click on the name of the connection, accessing a configuration form that is specific for each type of connection. Each form contains the necessary fields to configure the connection with the external tool, as well as allowing the selection of what GlobalSUITE options you want to connect with the external tool.

Additionally, in the ADFS connection it is possible to extract the necessary metadata for the connection and to generate a .xml file to be able to import it in the ADFS server later. This action is done with the "Generate XML" button.

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