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Company Data

The Company Data tab has two sections that can be deployed when you click on them.

General Data

It allows you to view the information of the services and module you have hired in GlobalSUITE® by the company you have selected previously. Information such as hired services, available modules and the type of license.


It allows you to select which languages from among those available in GlobalSUITE® will be used in the company, marking one by default. These languages will be in which you can configure the customizable parameters.

Users will be able to select which language they want to use from among those available, being created with the default language.

The languages currently available in GlobalSUITE® are:

  • Spanish

  • English

  • Portuguese

  • Basque

  • Catalan

Company Data

You can view data such as VAT number, corporate name, Address, etc. If you want to modify the following fields: telephone, contact person, e-mail, web, you have to contact with your supplier.

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