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Audit Program

In this section it is possible to manage the works created in the different Audit Plans defined in the previous option.

  • Remove: It allows to remove a work from the list. For this action you have to select the desired row or rows and click on the 'Remove' button. The audit jobs are created associated with an Audit Plan, from the previous option.

  • Show: It offers the possibility of filtering the list of works, being able to select between displaying Open or All, depending on the State that has the works. By default, GlobalSUITE® only display the open works or running works.

  • Download: It allows you to generate an Excel report with the information of the existing audit work.

  • Dashboard: Allows access to a section to view the Audit Dashboard, and to be able to generate excel reports with their results.

By clicking on the link that appears in the name of the work, you access the detail of it, which consists of several sections.

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