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Audit Dashboard

In this section you can monitor the status of the Audit Plans and Jobs through a series of graphs and reports.

By default, it shows us all the information of all the jobs and items audited, but it is possible to apply filters to narrow down these results.

  • Dates filter: It is possible to filter the work carried out before or after a date, for which they can be defined in the fields on the top bar. To apply the filters, you have to press the 'Reload' button. If you want to remove the filter, you simply have to delete the dates and press the button again.

  • Element filter: It is also possible to select which elements we want to view in the dashboard, to limit the information by the services, processes, areas or assets that you want to review.

    • To do this, if you press the Filter Dashboard button, the tree of defined elements will appear in a window, allowing you to select the ones you want to view.

    • If you have some filtered elements, if you want to see all the complete information, you must click Show All

  • Download: In the drop-down we can see the possibility of extracting the information from each graph in an excel report. This report will be generated in the background and can be obtained in Pending Downloads

Hours by Auditor

It shows us the allocation of expected and actual hours that the members of the audit team have executed for each of the jobs.

Hours by Work

It shows the expected and actual dedication of each of the audit work, based on the auditors' times.

Works by State and Audit Plan

This graph shows the status and degree of progress of each of the audit jobs, grouped by each Plan.

Works by State and Element

Graph that shows in which jobs each of the audited elements is included, and the state in which they are (regardless of the Plan to which they belong).

Status of Tickets for Work and Audit Plan

This graph indicates how many tickets (Non-Conformities, Findings, Requirements, etc.) generated in the audit work, and in what states they are.

Works by Progress

This graph shows shows the percentage of progress or progress of each audit job. This progress is achieved based on the audit tasks or actions that have been planned.

Consolidation of the Audit Scorecard

In case of having a structure of Subentities, it will be possible to compare the different graphs between each of the sub-entities. To do this, you will have to click on the 'Consolidation' section that will appear in the upper menu.

Once inside, you can consolidate the information between the different subentities, selecting which graph of the Dashboard you want to view and pressing 'Consolidate'. Being able to apply several filters to limit the results of the graph.

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