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BIA (Business Impact Analysis)

The Business Impact Analysis allows you to determine what the essential processes are for the continuity of the company operations.

In this option you can see a list with the BIA’s that are registered. By default, GlobalSUITE shows the BIA that is individual whose operations are shown in the following point:

These are the start-up options:

  • Add: It allows you to create a record of BIA’s. You have to select on the drop down menu the service you want to analyze, the business process and click on the button ‘Add’. The processes can be defined in ‘Start up /Business Processes’

  • Remove: It allows you to remove a BIA already registered. You have to select the row or rows and click on the button ‘Remove'.

  • Download: It allows you to download the list of BIA’s in an editable format (.xlsx) or in PDF.

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