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BIAs Versions

This option allows you to store and to consult the BIAs assessments carried out in previous periods. To do this, through the "Create version" button, a window will open where we can select which Individual and Consolidated BIAs we will include in the version.

If we include Consolidated BIAs in the version, the Individual BIAs used in their consolidation will be automatically added.

In addition to the data of the BIAs, the existing configuration will be stored at that specific moment. Therefore, even if the structure of the BIA form is modified, or the questions included in it, the version will maintain the information and the exact structure that it had at the time of the version.

In the main chart of Versions we have all the records of BIAs available, being able to view the date in which the version was made and the type of BIA (Individual or Consolidated).

If you want to delete historical versions, you can do it by selecting the ones you want and clicking on the "Remove" button.

When you accede to BIA version we can consult all the information of it, and we can also download it in .docx format (by clicking on "Download" and then "Docx Report").

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