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Testing program

This option can manage and register the recovery tests which have been performed.

Once the user has acceded to the Testing Program, GlobalSUITE shows the graph of tasks performed and the list of task too.

NOTE:The graph allows you to view the number of tests performed in the last five periods.

The lower table shows the list of the tests defined. GlobalSUITE allows the user you carry out in the table the following actions:

  • New It allows you to insert a new entry in the table.

  • Remove It offers the possibility of removing a test previously defined. For this, the user has to select the row and to click on the button ‘Remove’.

  • Download It allows you to download the task list in editable format (.xlsx) or in PDF.

  • CalendarThe user can view the task list which has been planned or performed in a calendar.

When you click on the link of one test, the user accesses to the following form:

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