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Audit Plans

The Audit Plan option allows your company to manage your different auditing plans, as well as the prioritization of the elements to be audited based on the methodology used.

When accessing the option, the tool offers the following options:

  • New: It allows you to create a new planning of audits. To do this, click on the 'New' button and a new schedule will be created.

  • Remove: It allows you to remove an audit plan. For this action you have to select the desired row or rows and click on the 'Remove' button.

  • Display: It offers the possibility of viewing the audit plans defined, on the one hand 'All' or 'Only open', the latter is the default option to view those plans that are open or pending to close.

  • Download: It allows obtaining the list of Audit Plans managed in the section.

  • Copy: It is used to make a copy of the Audit Plan with all the information included, also the associated audit works (Audit Program)

Propagation of Audit Plans

In case of having a structure of Subentities, it will be possible to propagate Audit Plans to other entities. To do this, you will have to click on the 'Propagation' section that will appear in the upper menu.

Once acceded to the option, the following tables are shown:

  • Audit Plans and Works: Shows the list of Plans and Jobs that have been defined in the current entity. These are the allowed options on the table:

    • Propagate: Once selected the desired Plans it allows you to propagate the plans to the selected subentities.

    • Back: It offers the possibility of returning to the initial screen.

  • Subentities Table: It shows the subentities list on which it's possible to associate Plans to the parent company. The options that the table allows are the following ones: Expand or contract the subentities list and to mark all subentities clicking on the button 'Mark Child Entities'.

  • Services Table: Once selected the subentity on the top table, it shows the services which are associated with the subentity. The Platform allows the possibility of removing an associated service. For this task you have to select the row and clicking on the button 'Remove'.

This propagation will make a copy of all the selected plans and works, as well as the elements involved in them (except the employees of the audit team, since they are specific to each subentity).

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