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Audit Plan

Once inside an Audit Plan, GlobalSUITE® displays two options at the top. By default, the Audit Plan section is loaded.

This section allows you to define the parameters with which you can configure the Audit plan. It consists of several sections that are indicated below:

Planning Information

  • Name: Identify the name of the audit planning that will be displayed in the list seen above.

  • Description: It allows you to have a more detailed and extensive description of the audit planning.

  • Status: It allows you to define the status field of the audit planning that is being configured. You can select several states:

    • Opened: It is an initial state of planning, you can view the plans that are in this state from the list seen previously. They will be defined or planned by the audit team.

    • Planned: State in which the planning of the audit is being carried out, since it is already defined or planned.

    • Closed: It is a final state, it is applied in cases in which the planning of the audit has already been carried out and it can be left closed.

  • Date: It allows to indicate the date of the audit planning.


This section allows you to identify the supervisors of the Audit planning.

  • Associate: This option allows you to associate one or several supervisors to the planning. To do this, select the Associate button, and in the pop-up window that appears, you can select the roles or the specific people you want to assign.

  • Disassociate: It allows to disassociate one or more supervisors to the planning. To do this, you have to select the supervisor to be disassociated and click on the button 'Disassociate'.

Universe Scope

  • Universe model: This model is the one defined in the audit methodology.

  • Planning Methodology: It allows you to select an audit methodology from among those defined in Administration.

  • Risk Analysis:

    • Associate: This option allows you to associate the risk analysis that use the risk methodology associated with the planning methodology used. Several risk analysis may be selected from among those that use this methodology.

Audit Planning

In this section all the items that are included in the selected Analysis are shown. All the dimensions used in the planning are displayed.

  • Planning Calculation: It allows to perform the calculations of the planning and update the dimensions of the planning methodology

  • Select: It is used to mark the records to make the calculation of the planning. If no item is selected, the values for all items of the scope will be updated.

  • Item: Name of the Risk analysis log selected.

  • Category: This is the category on which is the record of the selected Risk analysis.

  • Category route: It is the option that is used more generic within the Category.

  • Risk Analysis: It allows to identify the risk analysis in which each item is included.

  • Dimensions of the planning: These dimensions must be completed to finish the planning. The dimensions of the Risk Analysis selected within the Audit Methodology, these fields can be hidden by clicking on them with the right mouse button if we want to show or hide any of them. These dimensions are being edited, there will be some automatic ones that will be completed as the manuals are filled out.

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