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Work Planning

This section allows, once the planning evaluation in the previous section has been carried out, it is possible to assign jobs to the different elements of the scope. It has two different tables.

At the top, there is a table with the audit jobs included in the plan. It contains an "Items" column where the items associated with the job are displayed.

  • New: It allows you to create a new Audit Work within the Plan.

  • Remove: It allows to remove a work from the list. For this action you have to select the desired row or rows and click on the 'Remove' button.

  • Select Scope: It allows, for the selected job, to associate the elements of the scope of the job using the Elements Tree view.

  • Control Panel: Allows access to a section to view the Audit Dashboard, and to be able to generate excel reports with their results.

NOTE: When clicking on the link of the job name, the job form opens in a new tab, in the menu option "Audit Program", which is explained below.

Jobs that are already running or completed are shown in red, and their scope cannot be changed.

The lower part of this view shows the items with the planning results, as well as an additional column "Associated Jobs" indicating in which jobs each item is included.

When a job is selected in the upper table, the items in the scope are selected in the lower table.

There are the same Elements that we had in the Audit Plan, with the fields described above. Within each of them, New Jobs can be associated at the bottom. First you will have to create those jobs, and you already have them to associate them with any of the above processes. You just have to click on an element to mark it and select the job by checking the Select box to make it join.

  • Display: This drop-down allows you to filter the categories, so that you can view All the items or Items without work, which are those that do not have an associated work.

  • Associate / Disassociate: Once you have a job selected in the upper table, you will see the elements included in the scope in the lower part. It is possible to mark or unmark other items, which will be saved by pressing this button.

  • Download: It allows to generate an excel report with the list of elements of the audit plan.

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