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Regarding the requirements tickets, GlobalSUITE® has a specific section with which to register, manage and store all types of requirements that can be sent from any area, including the audit works that have been executed.

Once within the Requirements option, you will find by default the list of all those that remain registered, implemented, rejected or closed:

  • New: It allows to generate the requirements manually.

  • Remove: It allows to remove the generated requirements.

  • Copy: This option allows you to copy a requirement that has been previously defined

  • Display: When you use GlobalSUITE® as a knowledge database, using this option you can select to show only those requirements that are open, or on the contrary, all of them, through the drop-down menu that this option has available.

  • Download: It makes it possible to download the tickets that are currently available as a table, you can download both the Full Excel Report and the Full PDF Report, depending on the format you need to have.

The structure of the form and the fields it includes can be configured and adjusted in Administration. The default structure is explained at next section:

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