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Compliance Survey Configuration

Survey Configuration

  • Name: It allows you to indicate the name of the survey model. This name is displayed in the initial list of surveys.

  • Type: It displays the type of survey. It is a piece of information.

  • Departament: It allows you to indicate the department in charge of managing the survey.

  • Creation Date: It identifies the creation date of the survey model.

  • Surveys Status: This table allows to define a set of statuses for the survey. These statuses can be assigned to employees when the survey is set up, so that they will be responsible for the survey depending on the status in which they are. For each status it is allowed to define:

    • The name of the status.

    • Whether the status is Automatic or not, so that if a state is automatic, the surveys will go to the next status once they are completed without any user intervention. If the status is not automatic, it will be necessary to change the status of a survey manually.

    • You can change the order of the statuses through the "Move up" and "Move down" buttons.

    • Depending on the status of the surveys, it can return to the previous status or not, through the field "Turn Back"

  • Enabled: It indicates that the survey is enabled for its use in GlobalSUITE.

It is possible to translate the fields of the survey model into the rest of the available languages, through the "Translate" button on the upper right. This button will allow us to select another language, and to be able to define the name of the configurable fields in that language. Currently, the survey states.

Compliance Survey

  • Catalog: It allows you to select catalogs on which the compliance survey is conducted. To do this, you have to select the catalog on the "Included" column.

  • Questions: Selecting the row of one of the catalogs you can customize the questions for each of the requirements or catalog of controls. By clicking on the catalog it is displayed at the bottom of the list of controls or requirements catalog together with a column on the right side to indicate the question of control. When you click on the question, a new table is displayed on the right side to indicate the questions that will be associated with this control or requirement. The customization of the questions is carried out with the following buttons:

  • Add Question: It allows you to add a new question about the control or requirement.

    • Add Response: It allows you to associate a new question previously created. For this task, you have to select the question on which you want to create the response.

    • Remove: It allows you to remove the response to one question or the entire question depending on if you have select a row on the table previously.

    • Percentage: Lets you specify the weight given to each of the questions and response for calculations the graphical representations and the consolidation of results.

Using the "Update Catalogs" button, the survey model will be updated with the existing requirements in the catalogs defined in Administration > Compliance Catalogs.

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