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Controls Management

This option allows the user to valuate the dimensions established in the section 'Administration/Controls Methodologies' of the controls implemented in the organization.

Once you have acceded to this option, you have to select the risk analysis on which you will valuate the status of the controls. When you select the analysis, you view the following screen:

The table shows the following information:

  • Name: It indicates the name of the control. You have to click twice on the cell for modifying it.

  • Type: It reports the typology of the control. It means that the controls is already implementedn or it has been defined in the treatment plan of the section 'Analysis/Risk Managemnet'.

  • Supervisor: It identifies the supervisor of the control.

  • Resources: It offers the possibility of identifying the resources (Technical and/or Human) which the company have had for implementing the control.

  • Term: It establishs the term for the final implementation of the control in the organization.

  • Cost: It offers the possibility of identifying the economic cost which the implementation has led in the organization.

  • Dimensions: It shows the list of dimensions defined in the Controls Methodology which has to be valuated.

The table allows you to carry out these options:

  • New: It allows you to insert a new control in the table. For this task you have to click on the button 'New'.

  • Remove: It removes a control of the list. For this task you have to select the row or rows and click on the button 'Remove'.

  • Add Controls: It allows you to import the controls defined in the selected analysis catalog, if the control already exists in Control Management, GlobalSUITE will not duplicate it.

  • Show: It offers the possibility of filtering the list of controls, and you can view all (Implemented controls and Treatment Plan) or the specific controls (only the implemented controls or the treatment plan).

    • View Asset/Control: If you have a controls methodology "By Active", the information of the controls will appear in the form of a tree in which the roots will be the assets, and the children the controls assigned to some threat of that asset, with the valuation of that control for each asset. From this view we can modify the valuation of each dimension for each asset/control.

  • Options - Restore Assessment: It allows you to restore, in the case that the assessment of the controls is specified by threat, all assessments made in each of the controls, replacing the values determined by the current section of Controls Management

  • Options - Details: It offers the possibility of viewing and/or setting more specific control details. In the next subsection the form is detailed by clicking on the specific button.

  • Options – Import Data: It allows to import controls that are registered in an Excel file. The importation allows you to upload control descriptive information (Name, Supervisor, etc.) and information on its dimensions (those that are configured on the controls methodology). Among the properties of the controls to import, there is an ID for the control that is stored internally in order that in future importations of the same controls, they will not be duplicated.

  • Options - Calculate EC: It allows the user to calculate the controls assessment. If there are changes in the methodology of controls by clicking on this button the value of automatic dimensions are recalculated.

  • Options – Surveys results: It provides access to a screen that shows the result of surveys of controls, where you can review and consolidate the information obtained.

  • Download: It allows you to download in an editable file (.xlsx) or .PDF the information shown in the management table.

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