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Surveys of Critical Human Resources

Survey General Data

It allows you to define the following information:

  • Name: It defines the name of the survey

  • Type: It indicates the type of survey.

  • Departament: You can identify the name of the department on which you have obtained the results of the survey.

  • Supervisor: It offers the possibility of identifying the supervisor of the survey.

  • Date: You can establish the completion date of the survey.

  • Comment: It indicates the additional comments in the survey.

Survey response

The current section allows the user to select the people of the committee you want to define or to modify.

For modifying the people who are part of the committee, first of all, you have to select a service or process in the table located on the left, and after that, select one of the committees that are shown in the right table. After this selection in the lower part you can view the people that are part of the selected committee, and you can perform all changes you consider necessary. Note: If the table doesn’t show committees in the right table, this indicate that the selected service or process does not have any committee associated.

The table of committee members (located on the lower part) allows you to associate employees, who are available in GlobalSUITE, to the committee or Critical Human Resources. This table allows you to associate permanent employees, substitutes or committee guests.

These are the available options for establishing the committee employees:

  • Associate Employees: Clicking on this option it appears a screen with all roles and employees defined in the option ‘Roles & Responsibilities’. It also appears the employees who are not associated with any role. Through the checkbox you can associate employees to the committee. Once selected you have to click on the button ‘Load Roles/Employees’ for adding them to the committee.

The employees, who are added to the committee, are registered by default as ‘Permanent’ employees. You can change the type in the column: ‘Member Type’ and you can define an employee as ‘Substitute’ or ‘Guest’.

  • Associate Substitutes: This option allows you to associate ‘Substitutes’ employees to a ‘Permanent’ employee (for the types ‘permanent’ and ‘guest’ you can associate substitutes). For this task, you have to select the employee and click on the button ‘Associate Employee’, this action shows a table with the employees of the organization and you can select one or several ‘substitutes’.

  • Show: This button allows you to filter the table for showing or hiding the substitutes who are associated with a Permanent employee. By default, the table does not show the substitutes

  • Move up/Move down Order: These options allow you to order the substitutes who are associated with a ‘permanent’ employee. For this task you have to select a substitute and to click on the specific button (move up/move down) in case you want to change the order.

  • Modify Employee: This button allows you to modify the identifying data of one selected employee. By clicking on the button (with a selected employee) a pop up window that allow the user to change all employee data in the form.

  • Create Employee: This button allows you to create a new employee of the organization, and to associate it to the members table. When you click on the button, a pop up windows is displayed with employee form.

  • Expand/Collapse: Estos botones permiten mostrar todos los empleados o contraer los elementos para que sólo se muestren los roles, respectivamente.

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