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Definition of Strategy

In this option it is possible to define the general data of the strategy.

To register the changes in the following fields you have to click on the save button once the fields have been defined.

  • Name: It indicates the name of the strategy to develop

  • Category: It allows you to determine the type of strategy to be defined. These types will be configured in Administration.

  • Date: It indicates the date of definition of the strategy.

  • Supervisor: It defines the person in charge of the company to follow the implementation of this strategy in the different processes. By Clicking on the red button GlobalSUITE will display a pop up window with the employees (defined in Management - Employees)

  • Description: This field provides any additional information that clarifies what the strategy is.

  • Processes: It allows you to define in which processes the company is going to implement this strategy.

In order to select the processes, you have to click on the Add button and a popup window will be displayed with the processes defined in Start up - Processes.

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