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Compliance Consolidation

The current option allows you to propagate assets generated in the parent company to the subentities which depends on this one.

Below there are developed the functionalities which the tables provide.

  • Services Table: It allows the user to filter the catalogs associated with the selected services.

  • Subentities Table: It offers the possibility of filtering the catalogs defined in the selected subentities.

  • Value/Tag Table: It allows you to view the catalogs which are associated with a specific tag.

  • Specific filter: It offers the possibility of viewing the compliance catalogs by model or by the catalog status (it can be active or not).

Once established the filter it's necessary to generate a consult, for this task there are the following options:

  • Consolidate: Once you click on the button and according to the established filter, this option allows you to view briefly the assets of the lower table.

  • Back: It offers the possibility of returning to the initial list.

The results are shown on the lower table 'Consolidation Results'.

This is the information that the table provides:

  • Name: It allows you to view the catalog name.

  • Completion Date: It allows you to view the date on which the compliance of the catalog has finished.

  • Description: It provides a more detailed description of the purpose of the compliance catalog

  • Percentage It allows you to view the adequacy level or the completeness of the compliance catalog

  • Entity: It offers the possibility of viewing the entity or subentity on which the catalog is associated.

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