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When you select a risk analysis from the initial table, the following information is displayed:

GlobalSUITE displays the Risk Map with the risks identified in the option 'Risk Analysis'.

GlobalSUITE shows in the upper section a matrix of the dimensions which have been defined for calculating the riks and according to the analysis methodology defined in the section 'Administration/Analysis Methodologies'.

In the top part of the Risk Map there are three options that allow you to configure the information for showing in the Risk map:

  • Select Dimensions: It allows you to select several automatic dimensions that are defined on the basis of two other dimensions, in order to have several heat maps simultaneously. In addition, it allows you to select if any of the graphics is to be represented as Heat Map or as Bubble Chart.

Once the dimensions to be displayed have been selected, all the graphs are represented:

  • Filter Map: It allows you to select the assets which will be part of the Risk Map. This option allows you to obtain a Risk Map with the risks associated to the selected assets.

  • Show all: : It allows you to show the complete Risk Map of the Risk Analysis. It’s the option that is implemented by default.

GlobalSUITE shows different graphs for representing the risk map depending on the type of dimensions used in the methodology for the risk calculation (quantitative and qualitative).

  • QUALITATIVE dimensions and QUALITATIVE or QUANTITATIVE risk value

  • QUALITATIVE dimensions or QUALITATIVE dimension and another quantitative dimension and QUANTITATIVE risk value

  • QUANTITATIVE dimensions or QUALITATIVE dimension and another QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE risk value

NOTE: La opción Mapa de Riesgos sólo se muestra cuando se ha configurado el nivel de riesgo en función de dos dimensiones.

Por otra parte, en la pantalla inferior se muestra el listado de elementos, riesgos y controles que forman parte del Mapa de Riesgos superior. Esta tabla contiene los siguientes botones:

  • Display Dimensions: It allows selecting which dimensions (quantitative or qualitative) of the Items, Risks, or Controls will appear in the list.

  • Display Attributes: It allows selecting which dimensions (attributes) of the Items, Risks, or Controls will appear in the list.

NOTE: Heat Maps can be downloaded in Excel or PDF format.

The list of Elements-Risks-Controls can be downloaded in Excel format. There are two download options:

  • Excel table: Download in an excel file the columns with the dimensions and attributes that are currently visible

  • Complete Table Excel: Generates a report with all the dimensions and attributes configured, even if they are not visible at the moment.

Depending on the volume of information in the analysis, it may be downloaded in a single .xslx file or in several.

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