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This option allows you to manage all the items that entry and exit of the organization through a set of options which generates an appropriate record to provide sufficient traceability and know the origin of the possible incidents.

GlobalSUITE provides the following options:

  • Support name: This field is used for the identification of the support which has been used.

  • Type of support: This field is used to identify if there is a pen drive, CD, hard drive, etc.

  • Entry/Exit: It allows you to identify if the support has exited, has entered or if it’s an entry or an exit.

This way of work supposes to have a record of deliveries and reception of supports.

  • Date: It identifies the date on which it has exited or has received the support.

  • Term: It’s the time that will be used by the correspondent support.

  • Purpose: It defines for what a support will be used concretely.

  • Data: It allows you to identify the information which was contained in the support, with the purpose to know if it has to establish additional security measures.

  • User: It’s the person which has the specific support.

Just like in the employee’s option, GlobalSUITE allows you to download the list of entries record and exist of supports.

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