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Risk Summary

When you click on this option GlobalSUITE displays a summary view of risks obtained in the 'Risk Analysis'.

The graph of the upper part of the screen shows the values of Global Risk by Item (RGI) and Related Global Risk by Item (RRGI) of each one of the defined services. These values can be compared with the value of the Acceptable Risk Level (ARL) and Objective Risk Level (ORL) defined for the Risk Analysis. You can select the services which the graph will display.

In the same way, the upper part of the graph shows the Global Risk Value of the Risk Analysis which it's calculated according to the criterion defined for the Risk Analysis.

NOTE: All risk values, which are shown in the graphs (RGI, RRGI, ARL, ORL and Global Riks of the Analysis), are established by the criteria defined in the option 'Risk Analysis - General Information'.

The lower part of the graph shows the list of items with the RGI & RRGI values which are calculated for each one of them.

When in the analysis there are more than 15 first level items (services) associated, the graph is not displayed, the following message is shown: "To visualize the graph, select the desired items in the Select Items option"

Therefore you have to select in the "Display" button the option "Select items" to mark which ones you want to display. In the popup window you can filter by the taxonomy, to obtain the services that meet any of your threats and have any of those associated risks.

This table allows the following options:

  • Options - Calculate Global Risk of the Analysis: It performs the calculation of the Global Risk for the Risk Analysis. The criterion for obtaining this risk is defined in the section 'Risk Analysis - General Information'.

  • Options - Related Risks: This option allows you to view the related threats of one specific item. The related threats are formed by threats of the own asset and the threats of the dependent assets (depeding on the dependencies established in the section 'Asset Inventory').

  • Download: It allows you to download the list of assets along with the RGA and RRGA values in editable format (.xlsx) or in PDF format.

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