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Critical Human Resources

This option allows you to show the critical human resources which are identified in different groups of Critical Human Resources and created in the option 'Decision-making Committees' as 'Critical Human Resources'.

When you access to this option GlobalSUITE displays the 'Organizational framework' of the entity defined in the option 'Organizational framework' of menu 'Start up'. Depending on the groups of Critical Human Resources which have been created, GlobalSUITE shows the business processes associated with a level of the organizational framework (Department, Area, Manager, etc.) and the critical people defined. By default GlobalSUITE displays the main people, but it's possible to show the substitutes through the option 'Show Substitutes'.

The option 'Filter - By Service' allows you to show the Critical Human Resources associated with the processes, and those processess associated with the specific services. The following image displays the result:

Through the button ‘Associate Working Facility’ you can assign a working facility to each one of employees that are shown as critical. For this task, you have to select an employee and click on the specific button, after this action, GlobalSUITE shows a screen that allows you to assign an infrastructure to the employee. This information is used by the Platform for determining the people that have to be moved to an alternative facility in case of the main infrastructure (or working facility) has a crisis.

Note: The working facilities, which are shown in the window, are generated in the option ‘Infrastructures’ of the menu ‘Analysis’.

To conclude, this option has the button of 'Expand' and 'Collapse' for handle the complete structure (by default it expanded), and you can also download the result of the document in an editable format (.xlsx) and in PDF format.

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