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Crisis Plans

  • Finish: It allows yo to conclude the Crisis Management.

  • Send notifications: It allows to inform via email to the supervisor of the tasks to carry out to complete the test in question.

  • Control & Summary: This option is quite similar to the one developed in the section 'Plans / Test Program'

Plan Data

  • Status: It indicates the status in which the related plans are in crisis management.

  • Completion Date: It establishes the date of completion of the plan.

  • End Date: It establishes the end date of the plan.

  • Delay margin: It allows you to enter the delay margin with which tasks can be started or completed.

Continuity Plans

The option of continuity plans allows you to associate the different plans established in the Crisis Management Plan.

Recovery Plans and Recovery Sequences

The option of recovery plans and sequences allows to associate the different recovery plans established in the section 'Plans/Recovery Plans' to manage the crisis and the implantation sequences of the same.

Task tree

The task tree allows the user to set the different tasks to be performed for managing the crisis. The options allowed by the table are as follows:

  • Add Provides the ability to insert a recovery sequence

  • Disassociate It allows you to disassociate a recovery sequence from the table and the tasks defined in it. To do this, you have to select the desired sequence and click on the button 'Disassociate'.

  • Remove It allows you to remove a recovery sequence from the table along with the tasks defined there. To do this, select the sequence and click on the 'Remove' button.

  • New It allows you to insert a new sequence on the table.

  • View all It offers the possibility to see all the tasks to perform.

  • Expand It allows you to expand or collapse the task tree.

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