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OCS Inventory

In the top bar you find the button Synchronize-> OCS Inventory.

If you click on the button ‘Synchronize’, it will be requested to enter your access password in the top bar of the table and GlobalSUITE will display the screen to carry out the synchronization.

In the left side you can view the items which exist in OCS Inventory. If you click on an item, the information of this item will be shown in the right side.

You have the chance to synchronize the OCS items with CIs of the CMDB of GlobalSUITE or ignore them.

In case you want to synchronize both incidents, there are 2 ways:

  1. Select the OCS items and click on the button ‘Synchronize’, thus a new CI will be created by each item which have been synchronized.

  1. Relate the OCS items with CIs of the CMDB of GlobalSUITE, select the CI you want to relate and it will be updated with the data of the other items if we click on the button ‘Synchronize’. In case you don’t click on the button they will be related solely.

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