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Evidence Management

This option allows the user to record and manage evidences of the organization, you can relate risk treatment plans and implemented controls that are registered in the "controls management" option.

When you access to this option GlobalSUITE displays a table containing all the evidence of the organization. By default, GlobalSUITE shows only active evidences, but through the button "Show" you can access to the list of all the evidences.

The table displays a summary of the evidences, through the columns "Name", "Type", "Associated Documentation" and "Active". All other information about the evidence can be found directly in the table using the right mouse button, where GlobalSUITE allows you to add all columns you want to show.

With the button Download button you have the possibility of downloading the list of Evidence in an editable format (xls) or in PDF format.

To access to the details of evidence you have to select a row in the table and click on the "Details" button. By Clicking this button GlobalSUITE displays the following form:

Within the "General Information" section there are different fields to record information related to the evidence, such as name, type, date, description, etc. The "Type" field is a drop-down list which contains different types of evidence that have been registered in ‘Administration’, particularly in the "General" option of Settings.

Under the "General Information" section there are other sections that are detailed below:

  • Associated Documentation: This section allows you to associate a document of the document management system to the evidence. From the button "Associate Documentation" , GlobalSUITE displays a popup window which contains the folder tree and files of the document management systems, allowing the selection of one or more documents.

  • Metrics of Evidence: This section allows you to associate metrics which are recorded in the ScoreCard menu. From the "Attach" button GlobalSUITE displays a popup window which contains the list of metrics registered in ScoreCard, allowing the selection of one or more metrics.

  • Evidence Monitoring: This section allows you to record those monitoring that are considered necessary to control the evidence. The table allows you to create different rows from the "Add" button, and you can record for each monitoring the user (by default, the name of the user who created the monitoring indicated), date and description.

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