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This option of GlobalSUITE® allows you to determine the training program of the organization.

In the main screen appears all the training programs which have been programed. These programs, which are shown, have been carried out or not. GlobalSUITE also provides the following options in the main screen:

  • New: It allows you to generate a new course.

  • Remove: You can remove the course already defined. For removing the course you have to select firstly.

  • Download: It’s possible to download the list of courses generated or managed from GlobalSUITE.

The main screen of this menu also shows additional information with the status of the courses.

  • Estimated date of completion: You can fix the date of completion on which the course would finish

NOTE: If the current date overcomes the estimated date of completion and the course has not been carried out, the date will appear in red color.

  • Complete: It indicates if the courses have been carried out or not.

  • Completion date: In case the course has been carried out, this column could identify the date, on the contrary the column will appear empty.

For acceding to the courses which are available, you have to click on the course you want to see the information.

Once you have acceded, you have the following options which allow you to complete all the information of the course:

Training needed

  • Name: It establishes the name of the course you want to perform or already performed.

  • Type of training: It allows you to determine if the course is performed externally or internally.

  • Expected date: It indicates the date on which is expected the completion of the course.

  • Description: It allows you to add additional information which explains the objective of the course.

Course attendants

  • Table of attendants: It determines which employees have performed the course or the employees that will participate in the course.

GloblaSUITE provides the following options for determining which employees are going to participate in the course:

Attendants: It allows you to select those employees which are subscribed and managed

Add: You can include a new employee or attendant which has been selected previously in the options of the drop down menu (Attendants).

Remove: You can remove employees which have been subscribed as course attendants.

New Attendant: You can include a new employee to the course which has not been managed from the option ‘Employees’ of GlobalSUITE.

Once included the new attendant, it’s necessary to indicate its charge and role in the course:

  • Role: It establishes what the position of the attendant is in the course. This field is editable.

  • Function in the course: It allows you to define the role inside the course. For this option GlobalSUITE provides two options through a drop down menu: Teacher and Learner.

NOTE: For indicating the role of each attendant of the course it’s necessary to click twice on the column ‘Function in the course’.


It allows the user to associate any documentation which has relation with the test program. For this task, the user has to click on the button ‘Attach’ and to select the file. In case it wants to remove a file, it has to select the file and to click on the button ‘Remove’. Finally, if the user clicks on the button ‘Download’, GlobalSUITE offers the possibility of downloading the file.

Training Monitoring

This section allows you to define the characteristics of the course in case the course has been carried out or not (GlobalSUITE leaves a field for writing the reasons).

  • Complete: It allows you indicate if the course is complete or not.

In case the course has been completed, you can indicate the completion date of the course.

  • Course Completed: It allows you to include any addition information which indicate exhaustively how the course has been performed.

  • Duration: It indicates the duration of the course.

  • Valuation: It establishes a registration about how the course has been performed and the interest of the course.

In the case the course has not been performed, GlobalSUITE shows different options and provides the following tools which allow you indicate the reasons of the deviation of the date of the course.

  • Modifications: It establishes in case there is a delay in the date of the course how the company have proceeded for modifying the content or characteristics of the course.

  • Reasons: It allows you to indicate the causes of the delay in the course.

NOTE: These fields are for specifying the causes against a deviation or delay of the course. In case the course has not been performed because the date has not yet come, these fields mustn’t be completed.

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