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Crisis Scenarios

The Crisis Scenarios option allows your company to establish all possible crisis situations that may occur.

In the main screen of Crisis Scenarios you will be able to identify all those situations in which the service offered by the organization can be affected.

Within each of the scenarios, GlobalSUITE will allow you to establish all the information that you consider necessary, and organized in the following sections:

General Data

  • Name: You can set the name of the crisis scenario.

  • Description: It allows you to establish any additional information that is necessary to properly define the scenario.

Actions List

In this section, it is possible to define all those actions that would need to be carried out in case of a crisis scenario. Both the name and the description of that action can be filled out.

Propagation of Crisis Scenarios

This option allows you to propagate the crisis scenarios defined in the parent company to the sub-entities that depend on it.

Once you have accessed the option, the following tables show:

Left table: It displays the list of crisis scenarios that have been defined in the parent company. The options allowed by the table are:

  • Propagate: Once the desired crisis scenarios are selected, they can be propagated to the selected sub-entities.

  • Back: It offers the possibility to return to the initial screen of crisis scenarios.

Top right table: It displays the list of sub-entities to which crisis scenarios of the parent company can be associated. The options allowed by the table are to expand or collapse the list of subentities. Bottom right table: Once the subentity is selected in the table above, GlobalSUITE displays the crisis scenarios that have been associated with it. The platform offers the possibility of removing associated scenarios, for this task you have to select the row and click on the 'Remove' button.

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