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GlobalSUITE allows you to register and manage the employees of your company in this option.

In the main screen of employees you can see all the employees which are available in the platform. GlobalSUITE provides the following options for a definition of each one of them:

  • Add: It allows you to insert a new entry (employee) in the table.

  • Remove: It allows you to remove a registration of the table. For this task you have to select the row or rows and click on the button 'Remove'.

  • Import Data:

  • Download: You can download the list of customers in an editable format (.xls) or in PDF.

  • Show Graph: It allows you to generate a graph with the employees which are available or unavailable in the platform.

Personal Data

In the main screen you can include any type of information which you consider essential for a correct record of your employees.


The current option allows you to establish the contact numbers of the user.

This is the information that the table includes:

  • Telephone: It allows you to include a contact number in the table.

  • Type: It offers the possibility of establishing the contact typology, and you can select among the following options: mobile phone and work telephone.

  • Priority You can define the priority of the call for contacting the user.

Organizational framework

This option allows the user to associate an organizational unit to the service. These are the options that the platform allows:

  • Add Organizational Framework: It allows the user to define the unit associated with the service management. For this task you have to click twice on the button and select the unit in the option which is shown in the following image.

  • Remove: It offers the possibility of disassociating an organizational unit. For this task you have to select the specific row and click on the button ‘Remove’.

  • View in Organizational Framework: It allows the user to view the dependencies of the associated unit, as it’s shown in the following image.


This option allows to view the employee's relationships with the most important aspects of the Management System. In this way, if an employee is removed from the company, you can see what options would be associated or have responsibility to make changes in these options that are considered necessary. To do this, click on the View Relations button and a pop-up window will open where you can see the relationship with the following options of the tool.

  • Supervisor of Continuity Plan

  • Supervisor of Recovery Plan

  • Supervisor for tasks of the Recovery Plan

  • Belonging to some Critical HR group

  • Belonging to some group of Decision-making Committees

  • Supervisor of Services

  • Supervisor of Processes

  • Item Supervisor (Assets of any category)

In the pop-up window, to display the mentioned options, you have to click on the arrow that is located on both sides of this window. You could also navigate through this option by clicking on the circles below the table. Each circle corresponds to a table.

Roles & Permits

In this option you can include which Roles develop each employee, these data will be available in its pertinent option in the home tab, and the Roles that the employee has such as the permits for the information access, any support which can accede for its job, as well the possession of keys or access permission. The platform offers as last option the possibility to include in the field ‘Other’ any type of permission which the employee could have.

You take in account that once included or modified any information in this point it’s necessary to save the information with the button ‘Save’.

To conclude, GlobalSUITE allows you to download all the information of the employees with the target that you can dispose the information in any location you consider.

Assessment of Dimensions

This section of the form can perform the assessment of the employee in the dimensions which have been configured for the item inventory.

The dimensions are customizable in ‘Administration/Analysis Methodologies/General Configuration’. You can indicate what dimensions are visible or not. In case they don’t have visible dimensions, this section will not be shown in the employee form.

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