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Once we have accessed to the platform (see Access to the platform) we must select the management system which we want to access.

The following table shows all the companies on which the logged user can view. Depending on the user profile the access to the system will have different sights.

  • Enterprise: This user only accesses to the company that belongs.

  • Consulting: This user accesses to the companies that it is assigned as Consultant/Coordinator in the work team.

NOTA: If you accesses to this sight and don’t visualize the company that you want, you have to go to the option ‘Administration’ to check that the company has been created correctly and you are included as Consultant.

Inside the table there are the following options:

  • Company: List of the companies that can be visualized by the logged user. If several companies are visualized they will appear in a tree mode depending on your company directly superior. You can deploy the menu with all the data when you press the icon in the left part of the screen.

  • Management System (MS): Company name of the management system.

  • Consultant/Supplier: It matches with the company which depends on the company tree.

  • Progress: It indicates the percentage of the Project. This percentage only appears when the company has associated a Project in the Projects management.

  • Services associated with a management system:: It indicates the services/software hired by each company.

Once you have selected the company, you must click on the button ‘Load’ for acceding to the selected management system.

NOTE: Although the company has hired several services, the management system is unique. GlobalSUITE will load the options of each management system of the company obtaining a complete alignment of the regulations and a management & implementation much more agile.

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