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Corrective & Preventive Actions

GlobalSUITE has this option for registering, treating and storing the Corrective & Preventive actions which come from any ambit.

Once inside this option ‘Corrective & Preventive’, you will find by default the list of those actions which remains open or closed:

  • New: It allows you to generate manually corrective & preventive actions.

  • Remove: It allows you to remove the actions previously generated.

  • Copy: This option allows you to copy one corrective or preventive action that has been defined previously.

  • Show: When you use GlobalSUITE® as data base of knowledge, in this option you can select if GlobalSUITE® shows the actions that are open or closed, or both options. You can do it through the dropdown in this option.

  • Show charts: It allows you to represent those actions that have been defined.

  • Download: It allows you to download the list of actions (in Excel or PDF).

  • Import: This option allows a massive load of actions that are in an Excel file. When you click on the button, the tool requests a file in Excel format that must contain a set of columns with the information of the incidents that you want to import, regardless of the order of the columns, since it allows selecting those that you want to import.

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