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Decision-making Committees

The section of ‘Committees’ allows the user to define the members of the organization which are entrusted to manage different aspects of security, continuity, risks, etc.

To create a new decision-making committee you have to click on the button ‘Add’ and it will appear a new entry in the table. To remove a committee you have to select a row or rows and click on the button ‘Remove’.

The 'Download' button allows you to download the list of committees in editable format (.xlsx) or in PDF.

The 'Show' button allows you to filter the Decision-making committees that the table shows. These are the options that you can perform:

  • By Entity: It shows all Decision-making committee of the entity on which you're working on. This is the view by default of GlobalSUITE.

  • My Committees: It shows the Decision-Making committee where the user belongs.

  • All: It shows all Decision-making Committees of the entity you're working on and all entities which are in lower levels.

To define the details of one committee you have to click on the name directly.

The form allows you to do the following actions:

  • Save: It allows you to save the changes or modifications made in the form.

  • Back: The program returns to the previous screen where are located all decision-making committees.

  • Download: It allows you to download the committee information in editable format (docx).

The form has the following information:

  • Name: Descriptive name of the committee that will appear in the initial table of the Decision-making Committee.

  • Description: It allows a detailed description of the functionality of the committee.

  • Creation Date: It identifies the creation date of the committee.

  • Services: It enables to associate the committee to the services and business processes of the organization. To associate one service you have to select it in the drop down list and click on the button ‘Add Service’. In case you want to associate a process, you have to select a service already included and one process of the drop down list and click on the button 'Add Process'. In case you want to remove the service, you have to select the service and click on the button ‘Remove’.

  • Committee members: This table allows you to associate the committee to the employees who are members. The following section details their options.

  • Meetings: This table allows you to register the meetings performed by the Decision-making Committees.

Committee Members

The table of Committee Members allows you to associate employees, which are available in GlobalSUITE, to the Committee. This table allows you to associate permanent employees, substitutes and employees invited to the committee.

These are the available options for establishing the employees of the committee:

  • Associate Employees: Clicking on this option it appears a screen with all roles and employees defined in the option 'Roles & Employees'. It also appears the employees who are not associated with any role. Through different checkboxes you can associate employees to the committee.

Once selected you have to click on the button 'Load Roles/Employees' for adding them to the committee.

The employees, who have been added to the committee, are registered by default as 'permanent' employees. You can change the type in the column 'Member type' and you can define an employee as 'Substitute' or 'Guest'.

  • Associate Substitutes: This option allows you to associate a substitute to a 'Permanent' employee (for types 'Substitute' or 'Guest' is not allowed to associate substitutes employees). To do this, select the employee and click on the button 'Associate Substitutes', it shows a table with all employees of the organization and you can select one or more substitutes.

  • Show: This button allows you to filter the table for showing/hiding substitutes which are associated with permanent employees. By default this table shows with the substitutes completely hidden.

  • Move up/Move down Order: These buttons allows you to order the substitues who are associated with a 'Permanent' employee. For this task, you have to select a substitue and click on the specific button in case you want to move up or move down the order.


For the decision-making comittees, you can register the performed meetings. For this task, you can use the buttons 'Add' or 'Remove' for creating or removing meeting minutes of the committee.

To access to the details of the meeting you have to click on the name. By accessing you can view the following information:

  • Name: It allows you to register the name of the meeting.

  • Description: You can add any description about the meeting.

  • Date: You can enter the meeting date.

  • Employees: It contains employees attending the meeting. By default, when you create a meeting all employees on the committee are selected. If an employee does not attend the meeting, you can use the button 'Associate Employees' and you can also remove the association of these employees.

  • Input Documents: It attaches documents which have been used in the meeting.

  • Output Documents: It allows you to attach documents which have been generated as consequence of the meeting.

  • Puntos Tratados: It identifies the points discussed in the meeting.

  • Conclusions: It registers those conclusiones reached at the meeting

  • Monitoring: This table allows you to register those action which demands a specific monitoring. These action can be sent by email (to one or several people if you indicate their accounts on the upper white box and clicking on the button 'Send email'.

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