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This option of GlobalSUITE allows you to define the Capacity Plans which are considered as essential for the organization.

In the main screen GlobalSUITE provides the list of all those Continuity Plans which have been generated in the platform.

GlobalSUITE also provides the following options in the main screen:

  • New: It allows you to generate new capacity plans

  • Remove: It allows you to remove the capacity plans that have been defined. For carrying out this option you have to select the plan before.

  • Download: You can download the list of the Capacity Plans.

For acceding to each one of the capacity plans, you have to click on the name of the plan you want.

General Data

In the options provided by the general data of the capacity plan you can define all the information what you need for establishing a capacity plan completely.

  • Name: It allows you to indicate the name of the capacity plan.

  • Date: You can indicate the date on which the capacity plan is approved and when it became operational.

  • Description: It allows you to indicate any detail which you consider necessary for the Capacity Plan.

  • Assessment Frequency: It establishes the frequency of assessment on which the plan must be checked.

  • Conclusions: It allows you to define any conclusion according to the capacity.

  • Capacity Indicators: GlobalSUITE provides different options for measuring the capacity.

  • Previous Capacity (Consult versions): It gives you access to capacity plans which have been defined previously through historical versions.

  • Incidents & Problems: It allows you to identify automatically all those incidents & problems related with the capacity.

  • Non-conformities: It identifies automatically all those non-conformities related with the capacity.

  • Indicators: It identifies automatically all those indicators related with the capacity.

  • Capacity Objectives: It establishes the different objectives which want to achieve according to the capacity.

GlobalSUITE allows you to define the following fields in this option:

  • Description: This field establishes the capacity objective to be achieved.

    • Supervisor: It establishes the person in charge of managing and checking the compliance of the capacity objective.

    • Actions: It establishes the actions or the methodology for complying with the objective.

    • Metric of Availability Associated: It defines if it is a metric which can carry out the follow up of the capacity objective.

    • Acquisitions/Changes: It indicates all those acquisitions and changes according to the objectives which are necessary to comply.

GlobalSUITE allows you to configure the following fields inside this option:

  • Description: It allows you to define the actions needed for complying with the capacity objective which has been determined.

    • Budget: It corresponds with the cost associated with the acquisition or change which is necessary to carry out.

    • Deadline: It establishes the date on which the specific acquisition or change must be implemented

    • Complete: It allows you to establish if the acquisition or change has been carried out.

    • Associated RFC: You can associate the registration of the change if this acquisition has been carried out.

The field Acquisitions/Changes will appear empty by default.

The acquisitions and changes appear when the capacity objective has been selected. Hereafter there is the procedure which indicates how to proceed:

1.Select a specific objective. Once selected, it will appear in orange color by default.

2.Once selected, GlobalSUITE shows automatically all those acquisitions and changes that are necessary for the compliance of the capacity objective.

3.There will be different acquisitions and changes according to each one of the capacity objectives.

  • Affected services: It determines the services which will be affected in the event of a non-compliance of the capacity.

As with the field Acquisitions/Changes, the affected services are different according to the capacity objectives which have been defined. If we select each one of the objectives, the specific services will be shown.

  • Follows-up record: It allows you to determine all those follow up actions that have been performed during the period on which the plan is effective.

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