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Changes & Deliveries

The option ‘Changes & Deliveries’ allows you to manage those changes and its specific deliveries realized. It has to take in account which can be opened manually, and furthermore, it can be generated by customers automatically by the Customer Portal with a Ticket.

In the main screen, it shows those incidents and problems which they are not closed yet, as well as the following options:

  • New: It allows you to generate types of changes.

  • Remove: It allows you to remove changes.

  • Copy: This option allows you to copy changes which have been defined before.

  • Show: By using GlobalSUITE® as a knowledge database, through this option you can select to show only those changes that are open, or on the contrary all, through the drop-down menu available for this option.

  • Download: It allows you to download the list of changes that can be shown in Excel or in PDF

  • Show charts: It allows you to represent those Changes & Deliveries that have been defined. This option allows us to show the images of the statistics and how It has shown in the option of ‘Incidents’.

GlobalSUITE allows you to see graphically or separately the status of the changes (realized and generated).

These images generated by GlobalSUITE it shows:

  • Totals: All the changes registered.

  • Open: Just show changes which remain open.

  • Closed: Just show changes which remain closed

In addition, it allows you to represent any type of combination among these options. The images can be printed directly or can be downloaded in different formats: PNG, JPEG, PDF and SVG (vector).

  • Import: This option allows a massive load of Changes that are in an Excel file. When you click on the button, the tool requests a file in Excel format that must contain a set of columns with the information of the changes that you want to import, regardless of the order of the columns, since it allows selecting those that you want to import.

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