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Dependencies Tree

This option displays two tables, the right table contains the list of items of the organization, and the left table has the dependencies among the items.

The right column shows this information which can be useful:

  • Item: It shows the name of the item. To insert a new item in the list you have to click on the button ‘New’. In case you want to remove one or several items, you have to select the row or rows and click on the button ‘Remove’

  • Category: It indicates the category or subcategory which the item belongs. For defining the category you have to click twice on the cell and select the category you want in the drop down menu.

The platform allows the following options:

  • Associate: It allows you to associate a category/subcatecory to the item when you select a row and clicking on the button 'Associate'.

  • Disassociate: It offers the possibility of removing a category/subcategory of an item when you select a row and clicking on the button 'Disassociate'.

  • Expand: It expands the list of categories/subcategories.

  • Collapse: It collapses the list of categories/subcategories.

  • Inserted: It indicates if the item has been inserted in the Dependencies Tree.

The left column shows the Dependencies tree of the assets defined by the company, and it’s possible to develop the following tasks:

  • Filter Services: It allows you to do a filter of the Dependencies Tree, and it’s possible to show the list with all the items (All the Items) or shows the items of one service (individually).

  • Expand Next Level: This button expands the list of services, processes and items by level. You have to click on this button as many times as you want to check the depth of the dependency tree.

  • Minimize: It minimizes the list of all the services and items which have been associated.

  • Download: It allows you to download the view of the Dependencies Tree in editable format (.xlsx) or in PDF.

  • Properties: It allows direct access to the form of an item to view its information.

  • Calculate Accumulated Dimensions: It allows you to recalculate the accumulated dimensions which are defined according to the dependencies established among the items of the dependencies tree. This button only appears when any of the dimensions configured in the Item Inventory have the "Accumulated" check activated.

To create a dependency between two items you have to drag them from the right table to the left table and drop the item in the place you want to create the dependency.

NOTE: An item cannot depend twice on an item.

To remove a dependency among two items you have to drag the item from the left table (Dependencies tree) to the right table.

NOTE: If in the section 'Administration/Analysis Methodologies' is selected the option 'Dependencies by Dimension' and you have selected the option'Accumulated' those columns which we want to show its accumulated value, this option will be showed as follows.

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